Riding Lessons

At Bridlewood Riding Centre, we offer a well-rounded English and Western lesson programs for riders from Kelowna to Vernon, for ages five and above. We tailor lessons to the individual student focusing on the horse's harmony, obedience, flexibility, strength, and balance. The rider's position is the most important and the hardest thing to maintain during the ride.


Our Instructors

Our instructors can coach you on your own horse. You could also opt to take a lesson on our schooling horses that are suited to the students’ age and riding ability, ensuring a safe and fun environment in which to learn. They emphasize a strong foundation of the rider's position and balance while building confidence and enabling the students to be successful at their discipline.


Our Motive

We strive to help each student achieve success in their individual riding goals and produce well-rounded, confident riders, with the requisite skills to enable them to enjoy every aspect of the sport.


Equine Canada Rider Level Programs

Our facility’s Equine Canada Competition Coach prepares and evaluates students from Kelowna to Vernon, participating in the Equine Canada Rider Level Program.

The Equine Canada Rider Level Program is a national program that offers achievement levels for all riders from recreational to competitive. The program encourages all Okanagan riders to ride, learn, and enjoy the sport of riding. It promotes a continuous and progressive path of learning and knowledgeable horsemanship.

Fees: $50 per evaluation (does not include EC Charges).